OJ and Marker are always making and breaking their friendships. Well now, they have to live in the same house. Will this develop their friendship? Find out how they go around on the OJ-Marker II Show!

Cast (Up to 5 Recurring)Edit

Main Characters:

OJ - OJ InanimateInsanity

Marker - TrentFan

Recurring Characters:

Bubblegum - Zoey

Kit-Kat - TrentFan

Drew Banana - OJ InanimateInsanity

Episode 1Edit

Marker: *making pancakes, eggs, and bacon* Dang it I forgot the butter at the store.

OJ: So? Go get it, I'll have the house covered! *pulls out katana*

Marker: I'll get it after breakfast. We can go one meal without butter, right? I'll use maple syrup instead, how does that sound?

OJ: Like vomit.

Marker: Get in the car, we're going early-butter shopping.

OJ: *walks out door* What does that mean?

Marker: We're buying butter at 7:30 A.M. in the morning.

OJ: ...And? Are you really that much of a fat slob?

Marker: No, you wanted the butter. I offered maple syrup.

OJ: Whatever, *grabs wallet* Let me drive, I have the money AND the car keys. *jangles keys*

Marker: Sure. The Roboty Groceries is by Sugar Cube Lane. Do you think you can handle it?

OJ: Sure I can! *gets in car*

Marker: *gets in car* Well, let's go.

OJ: *backs up into mailbox* Oops. *drives into garage* Who put that there? *backs up out of driveway and drives to store*

Marker: Okay, we're here. We ran over only one pidgeon, good job. Usually it's three.

OJ: I know, I practiced on Morza Foresport 2. *gets out of car*

Marker: I guess it wasn't a waste of money, after all. *gets out of car and heads into the store*

OJ: *walks into store with store pants on*

Marker: Okay, well we could just do the groceries which are usually supposed to be tomorrow now?

OJ: Okay, *buys kit-kat* got them.

Marker: *buying frozen ham sandwiches near the Deli area* Hmm. Was it this or the turkey that you liked?

OJ: Don't care. *buys ice cream and super-size butter* *pays for it with fake money*

Clerk: *examining money*

Marker: How did you get a 100 dollar bill?

OJ: Photo-Shop.

Clerk: Wait what? *Calls cops*

Cop: *arrest OJ and Marker*

OJ: Wow, thanks alot Marker.

Marker: I didn't know it was Photo-Shopped or I wouldn't have asked. Now we're at the SUPREME Court.

Donut: We have the case Clerk vs. Orange Juice and Marker presented to us today.

OJ: Yes!

Donut: I see. Ahem, why did you fake coin (make) money, Orange Juice? I shall ask this before I get on to lawyers.

OJ: Becuase I felt like it, duh.

Marker: What he meant to say, is he's sorry for it and he only did it as a prank on the clerk or something, right OJ?

OJ: No, why?

Limeade: Your honor, my client doesn't know what he's saying.

OJ: No.... maybe... so?

Donut: Very well. May the attorney say anything?


Donut: Is that true, Orange Juice?

OJ: Sure... why not?


OJ: Your face is unconstitutional.

Donut: Sentence the Orange Juice to death row. Sentence the Marker to 1 year of inprisonment.

OJ: Ha! Take that Marker! You and your big mouth! *laughs* *goes serious* What is death row?

Donut: You get to sit on Old Sparky, an electric chair, and die from electracution.

OJ: Wait, what?!

Guards: *take OJ to electracution room*


Marker: I would- you know, if these guards weren't carrying me to that crazy room with the straight jacket least, that's why they have me in a straight jacket, I think.

OJ: Wow, thanks..... *gets put in electric chair*

Marker: I have to aim this perfectly *kicks a pen and paper towards OJ* WRITE A PARDON TO THE PRESIDENT! THEY'LL LET YOU OFF THE HOOK!

OJ: What is a farton?

Marker: >.> *is taken away*

OJ: Hmmm...... I got it! *elbows both guards* Yes, see Marker? Turtle Combat wasn't a waste!

Marker: Well you still killed Old Man Grape. But let's go and run! We could run to Canada!

OJ: *jumps out window*

Marker: *follows* Quick to a train station or airport!

Guard: *follows them* YOU WILL DIE!


OJ: *throws random rock at guard*

Marker: *arrives at train station* Two tickets to Canada, please.

Guard: *KO'd*

Gater: *accidentaly hands tickets to France*

Marker: *grabs OJ and gets him and himself on the train*

Train: *takes off*

Marker: I wonder how Canada will be.

OJ; Apparently you have problems with determining trains, this one is to France.

Marker: *looks at ticket* Oh the gater gave me the wrong, um, to France! Yeah! Well it's too late to go back we're one hour away.

OJ: No. *jumps out window and lands on Canada train* JUMP MARKER!

Marker: *jumps but lands on an England train* Why are there so many trains?

Bubblegum: Ey- I can't see the trees! Move out of the way Marker!

OJ: Jump again!

Marker: *jumps but land on New Zealand train* Still too many trains!

Drew Banana: Move it Marker! I can't see the trees!

Marker: *jumps on Australia train*

Kit Kat: Please get out of the way, Marker! I can't see the trees!

Marker: Almost there! *gets on Canada train* Got it!

OJ: How are we going to get in?

Marker: We don't have to get in, we can just stay on the top and hang on to something until we arrive?

OJ: What ab- TUNNEL!

Marker: *ducks* DUCK!

OJ: *ducks* Yeah, real smart not getting in. *kicks in window* *climbs in*

Marker: *follows* I think we're safe.

OJ: O.K, hey, can you move over, I can't see the trees.

Marker: *moves out of the way* Better?

OJ: Yep. *insantly falls asleep*

Announcer Guy: We are now arriving at Canada in one minute. I hope you enjoyed this experience.

Marker: I didn't.


Marker: *pinches self* No, not a dream.


OJ: *in sleep* uhngh, yum, humuna humuna.

Marker: *trying to wake OJ up* Breakfast time! Pancakes! Bacon! Whatever you like! Just eat the twinkie guard!

OJ: *half asleep* Twinkies... are..... for..... yo' mama' jokes.... nice try.....

Marker: OJ, eat the twinkie man or we're going to DIE.

OJ: Why don't you if your so fat.

Guard: *grapples onto train* If you don't come out! We'll have to shoot!

Marker: OJ, I'm the skinny Marker. The fat one is my cousin and he isn't here!

Guard: *pulls out Assault Rifle* I'm shooting! *shoots at train windows*

Marker: Well, I have another idea. OJ spill some orange juice on the twinkie.

OJ: Here, *hands fake airsoft-gun with orange tip cut off* Use that and scare them. *yawns* So, we in Canada yet?

Marker: Well, we are now. Hold on. *summons Drew Banana, Kit Kat, and BG* Could one of you guys scare off the guard with this gun while me and OJ make a getawa- WAIT. A MINUTE. I found a violation!

Bubblegum: So y- what the? How did I get here? *holding half-eaten banana* Who's banana is this?

OJ: What violation?

Marker: *to BG* No clue. *to OJ* We're in Canada, that officer is from USA. Therefore, it's not allowed to carry out the law here, therefore we can sue.

Guard: Wh- Fine! *gets in helicopter* *leaves*

OJ: Nice!

Bubblegum: So we're in Canada, and I can't go back by train, you'll have to pay for our rooms, Marker!

OJ: *whistles* *walks away*

Marker: Wait, um, uh, let's see, I have to buy a new house, and um..........for now, you guys can move in with OJ and I?

Bubblegum: We'll each pay 5% rent, no more than that.

Drew Banana: 3%

Bubblegum: Yeah, 3%.

Marker: 6% and I include different rooms for everyone.

Bubblegum: 4%.

Marker: 5% is my final offer.

Bubblegum: Deal.

OJ: *whispers to Marker* Couldn't have gone 7%*

Bubblegum: Where are we going to get a house anyhow?

Kit-Kat: Well, my brother lives in Canada. He has a two story house for rent or sale. I forgot that part.

Bubblegum: I have a laptop, we can use that to rent it.

Kit-Kat: Yeah it was rent! Just look up Hershey Bar's House.

Bubblegum: *gets on laptop* Her...shey... bar's..... house. Search. AHA! Found it, Geez! $27k? Man, buy..... Marker........ Enter.... There! Now it is your house, Marker.

Marker: Well, at least we all have a house now.

OJ: How are we going to get there?

Marker: It's two houses down. We'll just walk.

OJ: *walks down to house*

Bubblegum: *walks down to house*

Drew Banana: *walks down to house*

Marker: *walks down to house*

Kit-Kat: *walks down to house*

Episode 2Edit

Bubblegum: *walks in* Sanctuary!

OJ: *walks in* What a cheap house.

DB: *walks in* *eating ice cream* Mm..... mint chocolate.

Marker: *walks in* Well, we're here.

Kit-Kat: *walks in* Cool!

Marker: Hey, there's already a TV here.

Bubblegum: Yeah, it's all included, with the small price of $5,000. *walks to upstairs bedroom*

Kit-Kat: Well, later guys. *walks to his room*

Marker: *looks at commercial about a Best Friend's game show* Hey OJ, check this out!

OJ: What? Oh cool! We should all totally enter, increase our chances of winning a million bucks!

Marker: Yeah! Drew Banana, you and Kit-Kat can team up. Then BG could team up with...........*makes a Smiling Cardboard Box* Cardboardy? And OJ and I can be a team.

Bubblegum: *walks down stairs* Who now?

Marker: Cardboardy! *holds up Cardboardy*

Bubblegum: Oh... alright.

Marker: Well, let's go guys! *walks to the studio with the Best Friend show*

Host: And you are..?

Marker: Marker and OJ. There's also Drew Banana and Kit-Kat, and Bubblegum and Cardboardy. We were told by your producer we could come compete.

Host: okay, so go ahead and take your seats. We will begin shortly.

Kit-Kat: This will be easy. Me and DB have known each other since 1st Grade.

Drew Banana: Years I regret. *walks over to seat*

OJ: Marker and I have know each other since Pre-School! *walks over to seat*

Bubblegum: I don't know cardboard. *sits in seat*

Marker: Yeah, I've known OJ for a long while. He's an interesting friends. *sits in seat*

Kit-Kat: *to DB* Sorry about Hershey's prank that killed your girlfriend. *sits in seat*


Marker: OJ, do you remember my middle name?

OJ: *hits buzzer* Marion!

Host: INCORRECT, IT REALLY IS............ROCKY! *Shocks Marker and OJ* Drew Banana, what's Kit-Kat's?

Drew Banana: *hits buzzer* It is "-".

Host: CORRECT! Bubblegum, what's Cardboardy's middle name?

Bubblegum: Uhm, Yonder?

Host: CORRECT! Okay the new question is..........WHAT IS YOUR FRIEND'S FAVORITE COLOR? OJ, guess what's Marker's?

OJ: Purple?

Host: INCORRECT, IT'S WHITE! Drew Banana, what's Kit-Kat's?

Drew Banana: Marmalade!

Host: CORRECT! Bubblegum, what's Cardboardy's?

Bubblegum: Baige?

Host: CORRECT! Final question, what's your partner's favorite snack? OJ, what's Marker's?

OJ: McDonalds!

Host: INCORRECT, IT'S JELLY BEANS! I didn't mean actual food places, but that's incorrect too, it's Panda Express. Drew Banana, what's Kit-Kat's?

Drew Banana: Red Velvet Cake topped with 6.7 ounces of chocolate sprinkles and 9.034 ounces of rainbow sprinkles, along with a drink of Coca-Cola!

Host: EXACTLY CORRECT! Bubblegum, what's Cardboardy's?

Bubblegum: Dragon Fruit?

Host: CORRECT! THAT MEANS WE GO INTO OVERTIME! NOT BEFORE- *Shoots OJ and Marker's seats into the ceiling*

Marker: *Sarcastically* Great going, OJ.

OJ: Those questions were impossible!

Marker: Yeah, sure. Whatever.

Drew Bana: What is the question?!


Drew Banana: Kit!


Bubblegum: Awesome!

Host: AND THE FIRST LOSERS OJ AND MARKER GET..............TO BE BURNED *Sets the studio on fire and leaves with everyone while OJ and Marker are stuck in a burning building*

OJ: Marker, this show sucks.

Fire: *burns down ceiling causing Marker and OJ to fall*

Bubblegum: *tries running out but wood falls and traps Bubblegum's leg* AW, SERIOUSLY?!

Marker: *pretty much dead*

OJ: Quick we must escape through the- oh whatever *walks out fire exit*

Bandage Guy: *picks up Marker and BG and takes them to the hospital*

OJ *vists hospital* Hey Marker, BG!

Marker: *knocked out*

OJ: *takes Marker's wallet*

Bubblegum: HEY! I SAW THAT! *throws glass of water* PUT THAT BACK!

Marker: *wakes up with one eye open* What?

Bubblegum: He was trying to steal your wallet.

OJ: *puts wallet back* No.... *runs out door*

Bubblegum: See?

Marker: ..........Yeah.

Bubblegum: *tries smiling but hurts face* Ow! I'm seriously considering sueing.

Marker: Well at least you won! At least your friend or you know about your friend! Sorry, it seriously hurts. Plus, I broke half the bones in my body. That hurts too.

Bubblegum: Three fourths of my bones.

Marker: Well, at least you didn't break your arms.

Bubblegum: True, just everything else.

Doctor Donut: YOU'RE ALL UNCONSTITUTIONAL *Jumps out window*

Doctor Brownie: It's alright BG and Marker. It's been confirmed that the host has been arrested. Drew Banana and Kit Kat broke an arm on the escape and are in the other room, and BG, you'll need crunches. Marker, you'll need a wheelchair. But besides that the whole crew of you is fine. However.........we lost Cardboardy's heart waves. Let us give a moment of silence.

Bubblegum: *stays silent*

Marker: *bows head in silent, drops a tear*

Bubblegum: ... So... anybody for Churro's?

Marker: ......

Bubblegum: No..? O....k.

Kit-Kat: *walks in with cast* Hey guys!

Bubblegum: Heya.

Marker: Hey.

Kit-Kat: *pulls out shotgun and jumps out of window* I'LL FIND YOU DONUT!

Marker: ......What?

Bubblegum: O...........k...? *orders Churros*

Marker: I wonder why Donut's in Canada.

Bubblegum: *shrugs*

Limeade: *follows Donut carrying OJ*

OJ: *struggling* LET ME GO! ARGH!

Marker: ...........Okay............then...........

Bubblegum: *eating churros* *with mouthful* Mm... what happened now?

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